Nida is a tranquil fishing village and the biggest settlement on the beautiful Curonian Spit on the Lithuanian coast. This peacefully breezy and soul soothing resort is a popular destination amongst the local nature lovers and international visitors alike looking for some downtime.

The 98 km long Curonian Spit shares the UNESCO World Heritage Site accolade with Russia. This lone detached strip of land surrounded by the waters of the Baltic sea and the Curonian Lagoon is perhaps one of the most unique places to visit in Lithuania.

When you think of Lithuania, you might not instantly think of golden sand dunes and blue waters, and that’s ok. To tell the truth, the coast is a fair way away from the capital city, therefore it gets missed by visitor quite often. But if you make the effort, you might just find something unique and utterly beautiful in this part of the country.

Cyclists will find an epic cycling route through the national park. The road to Nida is flat and has a number of rest stations.

The idyllic surroundings and nearly extinct architectural heritage makes Nida a memorable place to visit. The wooden houses are still inhabited by the locals who also may offer accommodation facilities to the many visitors. The picturesque waterfront by the lagoon is peppered with colourful fishing houses featuring traditional local wooden constructions. 



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